About us

Dan Bowser is an aspiring professional cricketer who has turned his hand to coaching and giving his knowledge and skill back to the local cricketers of all ages all around the North Devon area. His knowledge and talent of the game has taken him in to county set-ups and as a result he has not only witnessed great cricketers and coaches, but picked up some expert tips and the ability to detect and iron out any weaknesses a player might have.

Dan plays his cricket locally for North Devon C.C and also cemented his place in the Devon CCC Minor County squad. Dan is a:
  Qualified Level 2 cricket coach.
  Qualified first aider.
  And also qualified in safe guarding and child protection.

Group Coaching

Group coaching can range from 2-20 participants of any age. Sessions consist of a high intensity warm up to get the blood flowing to get the muscles warm, moving on to some coaching and drills and finishing with games putting the skills we've practiced in to a game situation.

1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 sessions involve studying each cricketer individually, focusing on the positives and turning any weaknesses in to strengths using nets, bowling machines and video analysis. Sessions focus on all aspects of cricket from fitness through all the batting strokes, all types of bowling, wicket keeping and fielding. Using video analysis we can work together in tightening all cogs in any batting or bowling action.


Dan's sessions are always enjoyable and enable you to significantly improve all aspects of your cricket.
Tom, young cricketer

Dan's knowledge and passion for cricket comes across in his coaching techniques that will benefit any player wanting to improve their game. The well laid out sessions cover all aspects, both mentally and physically, and his enthusiasm is very addictive!
John Harrison, Parent